4 Great Customer Service Examples and How to Apply Them to Freelance Writing

customer service experiences for freelance writers to copy

Your freelance writing business depends on selling your services to new clients, keeping current ones and up-selling previous clients.

Too many freelance writers chase new business, but it would be smarter to change tactics – first off, they should look for jobs that are ongoing instead of once-off, and then they need to retain those clients by not only giving them what they want, but giving them what they can’t get anywhere else.

To keep clients, freelance writers need to consider their own customer service strategies – even for your business of one (i.e. you).

In the four examples below of companies who really “get” customer service, you may think your little old freelance writing business of one cannot hope to compare, but these ideas should serve to inspire you to adapt them to your own services.

Let’s take a look at the ideas the Big Boys implemented, and how you can emulate them in your own freelance writing business:

1 Apple

Apple chooses service reps that are already fans of the brand. They are taught the Apple methodology of selling, and encouraged to show empathy.

How these ideas can be applied to a freelance writing business:

If it’s still only you working in your business, become a fan of your own work. Believe that the work you do adds value to your clients and that without your work, they would not achieve their goals. Learn everything you can about freelance writing and why your freelance writing services are so important to your clients. Be a fan of you!

2 Spotify

Spotify has fun with their customers by being different. Often they will respond to a social media query with a song!

How this idea can be applied to a freelance writing business:

Think of something unique that you can do that will delight your clients. For example, for every new month an ongoing client requests work, give them a digital gift. This could be in the form of an Amazon voucher, or Netflix or PayPal gift card.

3 Amazon

Amazon is the third most valuable company in the world. How did it get that way?

By being  customer obsessed. Not only do they say they are, but they actually build in methods to display (unlike many other companies who only give lip service about being customer oriented) that they mean it.

How this can be applied to a freelance writing business:

When you’re tempted to take shortcuts, have a conversation with yourself and make it clear that the customer’s needs come before your own, or that of your business.

4 Captain Train

Unlike the other three examples, not many people know Captain Train who sell train tickets. It’s also much smaller than the other companies listed here. Actually, it could have been seen as the underdog to much bigger brands.

But the CEO decided to make a commitment to their customers of solving queries within 2 hours, and they fulfill that promise.

How this can be applied to a freelance writing business:

Like Captain Train, you don’t need to be a behemoth to deliver exceptional service. Find out what it means for you to deliver great service, and how to delight your customers, and then commit to it, no matter what. Develop your own service methodology. For example, before delivering work, read and edit it. Read it again. Make sure it reads smoothly. Are paragraphs broken up to read easily, or are there large clumps of text? And so on…

For every client you provide services to, make their journey with you as easy and professional as you know how. Whether that means taking charge and managing things, or getting a piece delivered before it’s due date – commit to putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, and wowing them. Every. Single. Time.

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