Freelance Writers: 7 Big Benefits of Specialising in a Niche

specialising in a niche

Many entry-level writers think they need to write for all types of businesses, but this is a mistake in the long-run.

If you choose to write about all topics, you’ll spend your life running after cheap work that any ol’ writer can do.

But when you specialise, you become an expert; you can write things that other writers can’t.

This leads to word of mouth referrals in the right circles. Listen, if you’re a fairly good writer and you’re cheap, you’ll stay in business in the now, but you’re gonna work your butt off to make enough to survive.

But when you specialise, you’ll tend to secure clients that understand the importance of content, and these clients will only consider hiring exceptional writers.

As a result, they’re willing to pay more. But only if you give them what they want.

In addition, it’s smart to specialise for other reasons too, and here’s some of them:

  1. As briefly mentioned already, by writing for only one niche, you’ll become an expert on the topic, and this will set you apart from your competitors and you can also charge higher rates.
  2. When you understand a particular topic, you’ll be able to write about it more fluently, so you’ll save time because you won’t need to do as much research.
  3. You’re able to learn on the job, so it saves time. Now you no longer need to learn on the side while making a living full-time too. Instead, every job becomes a new learning opportunity, and the best thing about it is that you get paid for it too! In many cases, when your clients recognise you for the expert you are, they’ll leave the topic choosing to you. When they do that, you can choose topics to write about that you’d like to understand more (as long as this is best for the client too of course). For example, I specialise in online marketing and SEO, so if I had a client that was a recruitment agency for example, one of the topics I chose to write about is how their clients can get more people coming to their websites via search engines. Honestly, this is how I built up my knowledge – by writing about the topics I needed to know about while getting paid by clients to do it!
  4. Better quality clients. Clients who know their stuff (and these are the ones you will work towards securing in the future because they pay more) know that writers should not be “writers of many, masters of none”, because if you are not an expert in their niche, chances are that your writing will not appeal to their target audience, and they know it. Therefore, the better your knowledge around their business, the more they are likely to pay, and they are also a lot more likelier to be quality clients who don’t make your life difficult by needing to chase after payments.
  5. Picking a niche to specialise in is a huge draw card when you market yourself. It will become something of a tagline because it sets you apart from other writers. Suddenly, you are no longer on the level of a newbie. When you write proposals or send direct sales emails, you will use the fact that you specialise in XXX to secure high paying clients.
  6. Builds instant trust and credibility. Because of the lack of the face-to-face aspect online, trust is everything. When you specialise, you are seen as an expert. When you are seen as an expert, your credibility is boosted and suddenly you will be trusted a lot more than the average newbie writers who write about all and sundry.
  7. You stop looking desperate. It’s simple human psychology: when humans want something they can’t have, then they really start wanting it. In business, it’s no different: when writers grab any work, they look desperate. And clients pick up on that, even if it’s only on a subconscious level. Oftentimes when I proposed for a certain job, I would include something like, “before I agree to work with you, I will need to know your niche, because I only write on certain topics in order to provide you with the best quality”. This simple statement makes them want me more because i stand out – they could see i was not desperate for their job, and at the same time, it gives another message: this writer has enough work to exclude some topics, so she must be good! Voila! I become the desired choice.

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Claire Carradice is a freelance writer specialising in SEO blog posts and case studies for the digital marketing, business, SEO and HR/recruitment industries. She coaches fellow freelance writers to market themselves better and build strong businesses around content.

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