The Reasons Why Freelance Writing Makes a Viable Business

freelance writing is a viable business

Why is online freelance writing a good choice to make money?

Essentially, because it is relevant to online business and more specifically, due to the nature of the internet and ever increasing need for content, there is an ever-growing demand for writers.

This is because, if companies have websites (and most now do), the websites need content, and most people now know that to drive traffic to their websites, and therefore make more sales, they will need to upload content regularly, and they will need writers to compile that content.

Online marketing is all about content, and the written word is a large part of that. Now, before we go further, you may be wondering what all falls under the umbrella of “content”:

  • Blog posts
  • User-generated content (comments made on blog posts, comments made on social media posts, videos made by the companies customers, reviews, and so on)
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Webinars
  • Images
  • GIF’s
  • Case studies
  • Statistics
  • Interviews
  • Audio
  • E-books
  • Infographics

It’s worth a mention at this point, that while most people understand that content drives traffic, the majority still think that adding just any old content will do, but that’s a costly mistake…

Those who understand how search engines work will know they have smart, intelligent algorithms that pick up whether content is quality or junk. When it’s junk, search engines won’t display it in the web results.

As a freelance writer, this becomes your problem.

Because most of the time, you’ll be needing to educate clients on why quality is more important than cheap, and why cheap costs more in the long run because a) search engines won’t feature crap content, and b) people won’t read crap content, and c) crap content does not achieve the purpose of content (which is to attract readers, build brand trust and get visitors to take some kind of action, so that the website owner can send them email later on down the line and after a period of time, eventually make a sale).

Search engines drive the need for freelance writing

At the very heart of online freelance writing and what’s driving the need for businesses to invest in content, are the search engines, who’s algorithms are based, to a large extent, on content and more specifically, text content.

This is why we are bombarded with information online – everyone is trying to produce content.

Take for instance, the world’s most popular websites like Huffington Post. In 2011 for example, they were producing between 600 – 1000 blog posts every day! I couldn’t find information about how many they produced in 2017, but it’s safe to assume that amount has increased over the years in order to keep their status.

Imagine how many writers they need to achieve that kind of workload…

The reason they do it, is because content is what keeps them at the top.

It is this need for content, that makes online freelance writing a good choice to make money.

Types of clients looking for writers include web designers, content marketing agencies, inbound agencies, social media agencies, companies in all industries, bloggers, entrepreneurs – the list is endless.

FYI…the majority of millenials are turning to freelancing

Just by the way, according to the Freelancing in America study, 50% of American people between the ages of 19 – 35 are already freelancing, and freelancing has outpaced by 3 times, the overall workforce growth.

Competition is fierce, but not if you’re good

The other good reason for making freelance writing a business, is because while competition is fierce for entry-level writing, there are not a lot of writers producing good quality content at affordable prices.

So. You can make money writing, but you will make more money when you are better than other writers – and we’ll go into more details about that later in the course.

Other reasons that make freelance writing an in-demand and viable business idea:

  • With more and more bloggers and entrepreneurs creating online courses, there will be more and more demand for good writing skills.
  • Email marketing remains the number one lead generation tactic for marketers, which also means more writers are needed.
  • Because video gets more engagement than any other form of content, there’s an increase in demand for script writers.
  • Voice search represents about 20% of all searches now. This figure is bound to increase, and with it, there will be an increased need for voice search writers.
  • Robots can’t replace quality writers who use their brains well.

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