How to Convince Clients That You Get Results as a Freelance Writer

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What I have found is that like recognises like.

What I mean by this, is that when a client is himself excellent, he will recognise excellence in a writer, so when you are excellent at what you do, and you target the right clients, and they’re in need of a writer, it’s actually a piece of cake to convince them you get results, because they can easily see from your samples that you would.

These clients don’t really require much else; just proof that you write well.

If you haven’t reached that point yet, then you need to work a little harder to show your work’s value, and to do that, you yourself first have to understand the value of your work.

Here is where your your UVP comes into play; i.e., you are not a writer, you are…(the primary reason people want to hire you) and you get results by….(writing).

When you understand the value of what you do, you will understand what’s important to your clients, and you will be one step closer to knowing how to convince them of your worth as a freelance writer.

So. Depending on your scope, here are some ideas to spark your own answers to the question:

  1. At the most basic level, build a portfolio of your best work.
  2. Don’t price yourself too cheaply, unless your writing is not up to snuff. This works on the psychology of clients – if you are cheap, your work is likely to be cheap ‘n nasty too…
  3. Prove your authority by advising clients – don’t just follow or take your client’s instructions. Show them that you are the expert. Train them to ask you for advice around your work.
  4. Do some research around numbers about your client, before you start the job (if you are going to provide content often enough to make a difference to the whole site, for instance). Then measure numbers after a few months (social media shares, comments on blog post, etc.)
  5. Backlinks to your content.
  6. Get testimonials after every new job. Add them to your website, or ask clients to make recommends on your social media accounts.
  7. Use data and measure everything you do.


“I have helped X amount of businesses attract traffic via content” (if this is the objective of your work).

Keep a list of your published work and every couple of months, check social shares, bounce rate, comments and page rank. Keep checking and note the amounts. Build graphs to show prospective clients. Provide comparisons, like, “this is how this page NOT written by me performs, and this is how the page written by me performs”.

Get this kind of data with a tool like AHREFS.

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Posted by Claire Carradice

Claire Carradice is a freelance writer specialising in SEO blog posts and case studies for the digital marketing, business, SEO and HR/recruitment industries. She coaches fellow freelance writers to market themselves better and build strong businesses around content.


  1. I think Testimonials are such a powerful tool not just to sell your services, but to build your self worth as writer.

    I remember my first task on Fiverr. I used to sell technical instructional articles. A buyer from Canada placed an order, which was given with a reasonable deadline. After I finished, the feedback she gave me was nothing short of miraculous. The first sentence was “I never experienced such level of service as Navin”. And the rest of the review was just icing on the cake!

    That’s why – your first few clients, and the work you do for them are SO important – if you don’t ask for feedback, you are just wasting time on the project.

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