Your Freelance Writing Career: Don’t Let Fear Be a Full Stop, Just Maybe a Comma

janine henning, freelance writer

Guest post by Janine Henning


janine henning, freelance writer
This is me!


For me, it’s so easy, it’s like second nature.

At school most of my classmates dreaded that one word…


Not orals (which I hated), not tests, just a normal essay.

Best part is when we got the assignments, they always chose the easier topics to write about.

Then there’s me; the more challenging the topic, the better.

Until recently, I never understood how complex writing can actually be.

To write a 300 word school essay is one thing, but a 300 word blog post is a whole different ball game.

Freelance Writing.

It’s not a career I ever considered, yet here I am.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never even considered freelance writing because I was scared.

Scared of failing, scared of not being good enough and having no-one to guide me.

That was until my aunt introduced me to Claire, who has become my mentor.

Within a day, I went from being scared to excited, I wanted to know more and my mentor helped me. She referred me to resources about how having the right mind set can help me succeed in my writing career, and how my mind can play a part in me succeeding or failing.

I never knew how important it was for me to have the right mindset.

I know now that staying focused, having a passion for writing, commitment, motivation and being eager to learn can help me succeed.

I still have a fear of failure, but I overcome it by staying focused and motivating myself. I am not the best writer yet, but with every article, I will do better.

I remind myself that no matter what I know, there is always something new to learn.

From the very beginning of my writing career, I am teaching myself to always treat every article like a paragraph in a novel I am writing and not as something I have to do to get money. Writing is my passion and I want to succeed.

Having fears when being a young writer is understandable, but letting those fears stop you from writing shouldn’t be an option.

If writing is your passion, follow it. Stay focused on every article or every chapter you write. Motivate yourself on days when it gets hard or you feel like your fears are getting the best of you. Commit to writing; don’t start and then just give up because you are tired of it, or tired of not seeing success.

You must have a passion for writing if you want to do it every day. You must always be eager to learn, somebody will always know a little more than you and if they are willing to help, let them. If you keep this in mind throughout your writing career, you will succeed.

These articles on mindset helped me, and I suggest you read them to see how your mind influences success.

Here’s another one I recommend, about getting into a creative head space.


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