This is me! (Claire) I help freelance writers get higher paying clients and build strong businesses around content.

I’ve been a writer for the last 16 years, and an online freelance writer for the last 7. I have been a full-time freelance writer since 2014 when the corporate company I worked for retrenched most of their staff, me included.

Now, it was my earliest dream to have my own business.

But what you should know is that from the age of 16, I started 11 businesses, and they all failed.

But I was like a dog with a bone. I could just not let it go.

When I started my 12th business – freelance writing – finally, I was able to make a living and made more than I had ever made trying to set up any other business.

Online freelance writing is a viable business idea, because every business that has an online presence needs content, and most content needs writers.

But when I started four years ago, I didn’t know that.

I started writing by finding clients on freelance job boards, but my rates were so low that I was working like a mad thing to scrape up enough to live comfortably.

Since then, things have changed a lot. Because I didn’t have a budget, I learned how to do things myself instead of throwing my problems into paid-for tools or paying to get help the easier way. It was hard at the time, but served a good purpose from a learning perspective, and now I know a lot about marketing and business that other writers often don’t.

Finding out that I knew stuff that other writers didn’t was really eye-opening, and it is this which drives me: I have knowledge that can help other writers build a strong business, get better paying clients, and live better.

And that is how this site was birthed – by helping online writers, I found that there was a real gap that I could fill, to help others build themselves up and succeed.

What do freelance writers say about my coaching?

freelance writers marketing testimonial

freelance writers marketing testimonial

freelance writers marketing testimonial